Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity_at_PwCWe work in a changing world which offers great opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We seek to attract and employ the best people from the widest talent pool, as well as those who reflect the diverse nature of our society. And we aim to encourage a culture where people can be themselves and be valued for their strengths. Creating value through diversity is what makes us strong as a business and as an organisation with an increasingly agile workforce, we're open to flexible working arrangements where appropriate.

Everyday Inclusion

Whether it's working from home, a colleague asking if you're okay or someone taking the time to get to know you, it's the little things that make our people feel included everyday. Everyday Inclusion at PwC is focussed on our people coming together and creating an inclusive culture. Watch our short 'I feel included' video for more examples of how you can support your team everyday.



Learn more about PwC's diversity and inclusion policies here