About M&G plc

A leading savings and investment company with a long-term outlook

Our aim is to grow our customers’ wealth and improve their world by investing with care.

Our vision is to become the best-loved and most successful savings and investments business.

Our purpose is to help people manage and grow their savings so they can live the life they want while making the world a little better along the way.

Caring for our customers for over 170 years

prudential-assurance-company-posterEver since Prudential was founded as a loans and life assurance company in 1848, we have sought to democratise wealth by helping as many people as possible gain access to our products.

M&G Investments was established in 1931 with a similar mission to make the benefits of long-term savings more widely available, introducing the first mutual fund to the UK.

These two companies came together in 2017 to form a new leader in savings and investments: M&G plc. The name has changed but our purpose has not: to help millions of people to manage and grow their savings so that they can live the life they want.

smiling-woman-hair-tied-backOur People

Great people are our most important asset. We know how important it is to create the right environment so that exceptional individuals want to work for, and stay with, us. To get this right, we employ only the best and brightest individuals and give them the technology, support and encouragement they need to be the best they can.