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About iET Recruitment

We are a recruitment agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are looking for profiles in business and IT.

We understand the challenges contractors face so the iET business culture is based on an ongoing dialogue and we live cooperation daily. Our contractors have the talent to constantly enhance and refine their professional skill-set to take part and keep up with current developments. As their counterpart, we aim to provide a degree of planning reliability by accompanying our consultants over multiple projects.

Our partners can rely on our expertise in personnel administration so they can fully focus on their ventures. We ensure that salaries and social security contributions are paid on time. We deal with public authorities and social security institutions daily. In that way, we create planning security which is important for a long-term relationship. iET also supports its partners in recruiting permanent employees.

We are more than just another staffing agency. iET SA seeks to engage its employees and consultants alike. It is a place where a professional mind-set is paired with creativity, innovation and humor.

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