Career Tips

  • Data Analyst is one of the hottest jobs on the current job market but in today’s ever-changing business landscape, what is the outlook for your career prospects long-term?
  • There are some tools and knowledge that span the entire analytics field. No matter the speciality, these are the skills that every analyst needs to know from the get-go.
  • Data Analysts are in huge demand, as are Big Data experts. Yet confusion surrounds the factors differentiating the two fields. Are they the same job with two differing job titles? Or, are they different?
  • The analytics field is one guaranteed to look different from sector to sector. And, the scope of role within these sectors sees the work of analytics novices a far cry from those sitting at the board table.
  • Data Science is a discipline that incorporates the application of statistics, data analysis, machine learning and computer science. But how exactly do you get into a career in Data Science?
  • Entering the Data Science workforce can require fielding, navigating and patience. Even with the technical chops and an academic foundation, getting into Data Science is not as easy as some perceive...
  • Undoubtedly, one of the hottest career paths on the current job scene, Data Analytics jobs are available across a variety of industries. For candidates considering a career in Data Analytics here is our guide to helping you make an informed decision.