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  • While you will be expected to answer questions on career goals, experience and Data Analysis basics, the real proof of your worthiness to fill a Data Analyst role is in your technical proficiency.
  • What types of questions you'll get asked during your Data Analyst interview? Expect different types of questions depending on the level at which you're applying to.
  • Data makes the world go round. So long as we have the experts available who can interpret it. So, what do companies look for when hiring people for Data Analyst jobs?
  • What questions should aspiring Data Scientists ask when they are called for interview in order to showcase their expertise?
  • Working in data analytics opens a great many doors but as with anything those opportunities will only materialise if you lay the right foundations.
  • Working in data analytics undoubtedly demands that practitioners are technically skilled. However, it’s important not to discount the value of soft skills. So, which are the soft skills you need to set your data analytics career on the track to success?
  • For candidates wanting to break into a career in data science, we shed some light on how best to prepare for your job interview and what hiring managers are looking for.
  • What type of person fits the mould for Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) jobs? We look at what you need to know to get into these specialised fields.
  • Data Analyst is one of the hottest jobs on the current job market but in today’s ever-changing business landscape, what is the outlook for your career prospects long-term?
  • Business Analysts are a highly valued role in many companies. But, what exactly makes a Business Analyst so vital?
  • If the idea of an intellectually and financially rewarding career sounds appealing, then working in Quantitative Analytics may be worth further research.
  • A career in Data Science requires a mix of technical expertise, an array of soft skills and considerable experience. But how do you highlight these on your CV?
  • There are some tools and knowledge that span the entire analytics field. No matter the speciality, these are the skills that every analyst needs to know from the get-go.
  • Considering a career as a Business Analyst? Like many analyst jobs, exactly what the role entails can be tricky to define.
  • Despite the industry’s glamour, Data Scientists are quitting at concerning rates. With the talent pool diminishing, it begs the question - what is driving Data Scientists to leave their jobs?
  • Whether starting out in the field or considering a lateral move, working at one of the Big Four could be the right fit for your Analytics career.
  • Data Analysts are in huge demand, as are Big Data experts. Yet confusion surrounds the factors differentiating the two fields. Are they the same job with two differing job titles? Or, are they different?
  • Considering a career as a Data Architect ? Not sure where to start? We break down exactly what working in Data Architecture entails and how to best get your foot into one of the most challenging data fields.
  • The analytics field is one guaranteed to look different from sector to sector. And, the scope of role within these sectors sees the work of analytics novices a far cry from those sitting at the board table.
  • Merging the roles of Data Analyst and Data Scientist, a career in Data Engineering may be the perfect pathway for data gurus in search of a lucrative salary and career longevity.