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Data Science Podcasts

Dubbed “The Sexiest job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review, data science has seen explosive growth in the pasted decade. From the growing demand to great C-suite recognition, data science is everywhere in 2019 – including in our ears. Podcast have become the latest industry trend with numbers reaching well into the hundreds.

With this abundance overwhelming, has complied our favourite podcasts perfect for those looking to dive into this data science podcast vortex. Whether a novice, expert or falling somewhere in between, below are the podcasts worth your time.

  1. Not So Standard Deviations

A longform podcast that sticks to a casual format. Not So Standard Deviations is one for those wanting insight into the latest in the world of data science and data analytics. With each episode averaging on just over an hour, co-hosts Roger Peng and Hilary Parker cover topics ranging from algorithmic bias to GDPR.

Listen to the Not So Standard Deviations podcast here.

  1. Banana Data Podcast

This new fortnightly podcast shares the latest and greatest in the data science ecosystem. Hosts Triveni and Will cover the trends, news and big conversations in data, and sprinkle their musings and data science expertise throughout. Their latest episodes cover the essentials of data science pipelines and cross-cultural AI, among a myriad of other topics.

Listen to the Banana Data Podcast here or subscribe to their weekly newsletter here.

  1. Data Stories

Whilst this podcast is not exactly data science specific, Data Stories focuses on a critical data science topic – visualisation. Hosted by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, favourite Data Stories episodes for the team include “xkcd or the art of data storytelling with web cartoons” (episode 149) and “Immersive Analytics with Tim Dwyer” (episode 139).

Listen to the Data Stories Podcast here.

  1. Talking Machines

Hosted by a former public radio producer Katherine Gorman and Professor Neil Lawrence, Talking Machines is a self-proclaimed “window into the world of machine learning”. This seasonal, forty-ish minute podcast adopts a simple format and is great for listeners across levels from expert data scientists to those intrigued laypersons.

Listen to the Talking Machines Podcast here.

  1. Data Skeptic

One of the most popular podcasts in the data science realm, Data Skeptic covers a plethora – from statistics, machine learning, data science and beyond. Host Kyle Polich regularly interviews industry figures whilst Linh Da Tran co-hosts the podcast’s mini-episodes with Kyle exploring high level data science concepts.

Listen to the Data Skeptic Podcast here.

  1. Super Data Science

Hosted by data science coach and lifestyle entrepreneur Kirill Eremenko, Super Data Science is a podcast for data scientists in need of a little career advice and motivation. Sitting down with industry professionals, Kirill interviews experts, exploring their career paths and beyond. In between interviews, FiveMinuteFriday minisodes are podcast nuggets packed with data science advice to inspire and motivate.

Listen to the Super Data Science Podcast here.

Is your favourite data science podcast missing from the list? Or, wanting to have your own podcast featured? are always looking for new listens - send your recommendations here.


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